Introductory talk – Finding peace in your busy life

Are you interested in experiencing true happiness, even when your life is not going the way you want it to? Have you ever laid in bed at night worrying, unable to sleep because of the thoughts in your mind? Would you like to be free of them? Or to find a path to peace that is both fascinating and sometimes challenging?

The Brightpath Ascension offer four techniques based on praise, gratitude, love and compassion. These techniques take you to the present moment, allowing you to live your life here and now. This present moment is the doorway to peace, happiness and true success in life.

The techniques can be used with your eyes closed (to de-stress and explore your true Self) and also with your eyes open (to become alert, alive and happy in everyday life).

Come and join Maitreya and Vayu for an informal and interesting talk on this subject. The talk is FREE and you are welcome to bring friends along.

Sign up/Påmelding

Please send me a message to let me know if you would like to attend:

Datoer: 27. Aug.
Tid: Fredag 18.30-19.30
Sted: Bentsegata 4b, Oslo.
Pris: Gratis




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